Our Ancestors Served

Welcome to the OAS

You have come to a branch of BlackPoppyRose & BlackRose of Remembrance dedicated to preserving our historical voices and faces.
Without the Family, there is no history. No matter how little you know, that is all we need to ensure something is captured. A name, place, regiment, hobby, something they used to say, memories of what they said, and you heard is more than enough to preserve their memories. Let’s do this together and share it.

What We Do

We work with families to research & document your ancestors’ contributions to global wars since the 16th century.

Ensuring local communities worldwide are able to build on the names we add to our remembrance each year.

Raising funds with the sales of the posters we aim to publish our own books & materials with the information we collate.

Image source: Son's of World War 2 veteran's from Gonja, Daboya, Savannah Region, Ghana with Selena Carty

Further Details

“Black’ ‘African’ ‘Indigenous’ are headers for so many. We aim to explore the genealogy of the family tree and expand on what our identities mean to us personally.

Our Ancestors Served is a way of honouring the memories of our descendants in a way we feel comfortable. Including many aspects of our cultural heritage and identities which have multiply layers.